MakeX Challenge


MakeX Challenge is a confrontational for young people between 11 to 18 years old, its theme of 2020 season is "intelligent innovator". The diversified task setting of the intelligent innovator competition will catalyze more abundant robot construction schemes, and test the teenagers, mechanical knowledge, logical thinking, calm analysis of the situation, rapid decision-making and other abilities.

arena challenge-01


Arena Competition

3.o m x 4.4 m

Participation Requirements

                        • 11-18 years old
                        • 2-8 contestants
                        • 1-2 mentors

Competition Process


Automatic Stage

In this stage, the robot needs to run preset automatic program to finish missions.

Modification Stage

Robot that has returned to the starting area can be moved out of the arena for modification.

Manual Stage

In this stage, the operator uses the controller to operate the robot to finish shooting or knocking down bottles. In addition, robots can also finish missions such as suspending or stacking the alphabet cube.

Final Stage

In this stage, the team can obtain points by knocking down the bottles and shot small cube to opponent's smelter, or suspending the Alphabet Cubes to the Suspension Area, stacking the Alphabet Cubes in the Inspection area.

MakeX Challenge: Kit Price

Full Competition Kit (New Contestant)

Mechanical & Electronic Components + Practice Arena

RM 9, 900.00

Upgrade Competition Kit (Returning Team)

Mechanical & Electronic Components + Practice Arena

RM 8, 900.00